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3 Uncommon Effects of Alcohol

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, promotion or family milestone, going out for a drink is a fun way to end a week and welcome in the weekend. Whether you opt for a frozen margarita or a chilled cup of wine, finding what fits your fancy is an enjoyable feat for many people. However, one drink can lead to another and another, turning your celebratory event into a night you may never remember or will want to forget if you get behind the wheel of your car intoxicated. You can learn about Arizona DUI laws here and what blood-alcohol content is too high to drive. While some effects of alcohol are widespread knowledge for many, here are three bodily reactions alcohol causes that aren’t discussed as much.

1. Darker Alcohol Leads to Worse Hangovers

Congeners are natural chemicals developed during the brewing and fermentation process in alcohol that irritate blood vessels and tissues in your brain. If you drink too much of anything, you’ll probably end up with a hangover, but if you opt for a dark rum or red wine, your hangover could be even worse. Anything affecting your brain will ultimately lead to headaches and added pressure around your temples. Alternating between light and dark drinks may help prevent more severe hangovers and allow you to enjoy drinking while not suffering the next day. If you do end up with an intense hangover, here are some tips on how to overcome it.

2. Alcohol May Make Your Allergies Worse

If you suffer from allergies and get clogged up easily, drinking may contribute negatively to your congestive system. Sulphites are a natural mineral used as a preservative and can be used while fermenting alcohol and in juices and other mixed drinks you put into alcohol. If you’re unsure why you always feel stuffy and sneezy after a night on the town enjoying a couple of drinks, alcohol could be why. If you suffer from insensitivity to sulphites, your reactions may be worse than common allergies. Someone who may be allergic or severely sensitive to sulphites could develop a fever and have possible anaphylactic reactions.

3. You Won’t Get A Good Night’s Sleep After Drinking

While alcohol does make you drowsy, you’re not going to have a restful night of sleep after a lot of drinks. Alcohol affects your REM cycle of sleep which is vitally needed for your body’s regeneration process. In addition to losing the benefits of REM sleep, you’ll gain the effects of a disrupted REM cycle with nightmares and bad dreams. Drinking water before bed and trying your best to fall asleep in a comfortable position can help fight some of these problems and may help you wake up a little better off the next day.

Like anything in life, the more you know, the better judgment you can make if you want to get involved or not. If drinking is a part of your lifestyle, it’s imperative you understand the effects it has on your body, stay aware and alert while drinking and never ever get behind the wheel while intoxicated.

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