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An Off-Roading Checklist For Your Vehicle

Like most off-roaders, you are proud of your vehicle. You may have invested in something like the Ford Super Duty, which is meant for overlanding and rough terrains. So, do you really need accessories and upgrades? Well, it’s eventually a personal choice, but adding a few add-ons definitely makes a difference. In this post, we have an off-roading checklist that may come in handy.

  • Ground Clearance. On aggressive terrains, you don’t want your ride experience to suffer, and in some cases, this can lead to serious damage to your vehicle. Consider checking for ground clearance in advance, and think of lift kits.
  • No matter the terrain, you need all-weather upgraded tires, which can work on snow, ice, sand and every other condition. Check for deep tread, and don’t miss on upgrading before a long trip.
  • To enhance your ride experience and overall smoothness of the vehicle, you must consider advanced shock absorbers, which are a part of the suspension system. You can check website of First Over All Off-Road Shock Technology for Super Duty, for instance.
  • Skid plate. Some consider skid plates to be essentials, while others choose to skip this one, but we recommend that you consider this. It can sometimes save the engine pan and fuel tank from serious damage, if big boulders are along the way.
  • Carry the add-ons. You may want to get gear to keep things on top of the vehicle, such as a roof rack, and something like a wench can be really handy. Also, make sure that you have something to hang your bike. The idea is to have space to carry all you want.

Things to know

Beyond the accessories, it is equally important to have all emergency supplies in your vehicle. Think of extra fuel, tools, enough water, and at least an air compressor. Also, be prudent on how you use your vehicle. Testing your vehicle for a mile is okay, but before you hit one of the aggressive terrains, get everything checked by a professional. Risks on off-roading trips can have consequences, and your vehicle should be ready for that.

Final word

As for the parts and accessories, you are likely to get a better deal on online stores, and keep in mind that all components must be custom for your off-roading vehicle. There is nothing called a universal-fit, when it comes to SUVs and trucks, and some homework can be handy.

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