Essential Tips For Transporting Wheelchairs

The definition of a wheelchair carrier would be a special type of carrier used for the transportation of power wheelchairs, the manual wheelchairs and various scooters. Should you be a wheelchair user then a carrier would be important for your mobility operations. It should be readily accessible and convenient. I would like to review the essential necessary when transportation a wheelchair. Your carrier can easily be attached either to the top of your vehicle, or stored within the trunk, or in the back of your car. It is readily handy for it is quick install and easy to mount. The use of this product tends to ease the difficulty involved in transporting the motorized type mobility equipment as you travel using a van, car, truck or an RV. It is so simple you just load your wheelchair with the use of your carrier, secure the attached gate and complete your travel plans with complete peace of mind. The unloading using your carrier is just as easy. You usually have several options available for the installation and the storage of your wheelchair within your vehicle. First is the location where the wheelchair will electronically fold into your car trunk or into the rear of your van. In either case they are completely out of sight. Your second choose is to attach your lift to the rear of your vehicle where it is visible all the time. You have a choice of four different chair carrier models. First one is an automatic auto top carrier which operates from switches and it features a motor driven type hoist. This is intended for the manual type chairs so the top of your auto must be capable of accommodating both the added weight of the chair and the size.

The next one is a bumper mount carriers. That will require the drilling of several holes in the bumper of the car to support a manual chair. The majority of these style carriers can easily be removed to facilitate entry to the trunk of the car. The third style is the hitch mount carrier which tips down to as it loads and is simply moved back into its place and then locked. Fourth we have the pick up type of carrier that is used with a pick up truck. The lift simply picks up a wheelchair by way of an electrical motor and safely stores it upon the bed of the truck after the wheelchair has been folded. This type of carrier is the ideal thing for the transportation of mid size chairs and heavy scooters. It can easily support a maximum of 350 pounds and comes equipped with several retractable reaches with up to 24 inch lifting being possible. It features ease of use push button operation. The carrier is create from aluminum making it lightweight and virtually rust resistant. The platform folds up easily providing a handle for its ease of installation as well as storage. It has a tie down strap to secure the wheelchair in place and comes with an anti rattle mechanism complete with a lock that ensures a snug, secure and quiet fit on the trailer hitch. With the lift comes a weatherproof transport chrysler 300 car cover. It is designed to encase the scooter or wheelchair. Make sure you first find out which of the models is the best for your particular vehicle as well as your lifestyle prior to investing in any wheelchair carrier. Make sure whether a lift model or a folding version will work the best in your case. View several of the production versions online prior to making a selection. You can discover many great deals when checking out both used and new models.

The option list does not include a heater, let alone windscreen or vestigial hood. Hell, this makes my favourite Caterhams positively sybaritic and spacious, but more of that anon. Build Quality Everywhere you look you will find top quality bits and these all create the high caliber product that is the “Atom”. Skimping is a word that does not exist in MD Simon Saunders vocabulary. Hold onto the back of the double moulded seat, clamber over the tubing (which has scratch protection film) placing feet onto seat and slide yourself in. Once in, you won’t wish to get out every five minutes that’s for sure! Slowly get some heat into those slick like Dunlop’s (not easy in December) and feel the messages come flooding through the rim as you adjust to the weirdness of it all.

Snow Tires Versus All-Weather Tires

For everyone, winter is best known for the snow that it brings. The sight of the first snowflake flowing, is the first signal that everything will eventually turn white and fuzzy. Many will contend snow is a wonderful sight to behold, unless you are a driver.

Snow causes roads to get slippery. Slippery roads means less traction for car tires, which makes roads even more dangerous. With less friction between the road surface and the car’s tires spins outs, fishtails or the ability to stop can occur in the regular performance of your car. This particular fact has made accidents more likely to happen during the winter than the summer season.

Markedly decreased traction is also caused by tires that freeze during winter. Because outdoor temperatures can go well below freezing, the tires usually follow suit. Since regular tires will be stiffer than they usually are, less of the tire’s surface gets into contact with the road surface, thereby decreasing traction even further.

Snow Tires Versus All-Weather:

Snow tires have a smaller tread, which makes water pass through the tire more easily, thus preventing hydroplaning on wet surfaces.

 Their rubber composition is modified to achieve this effect. Because tires are softer, a larger part of it gets into contact with the road surface, thus increasing traction.

The story doesn’t end there. Snow tires must also be inflated to the appropriate pressure to maximize friction and minimize wear and tear. Most drivers are familiar with how much pressure they should have on their tires, but very few are well-versed with how pressure and temperature affect each other.

As temperature falls, a car’s tire pressure also follows suit. Gases inside the tires loose volume when they are exposed to lower temperatures, thus causing the pressure that they exert on a car tire’s walls to go down too. Thus, it is important to check tire pressure as often as you can, especially since Ontario winter temperatures can vary widely.

As a side note, it is also worthy to note that checking a car’s all-wheel (or 4-wheel) drive is a good idea, if your car has one. A car’s AWD can come in handy during extreme situations where the roads are hopelessly slippery. Checking your car’s AWD even before the winter season comes will allow you to ensure that you can rely on that AWD feature if and when you need it.

Snow-covered roads are usually sprinkled with generous amounts of road salt to keep the roads clear of ice. The downside of this practice is that road salt may come in contact with a car’s metal parts, which will then catalyze the rusting process, it is wise that the undercarriage be treated for weatherproofing that will reduce salt damage.

Automotive Industry and Digital Signage ROI

We all know the effects the global market has on the worlds car manufacturers, with the automotive industry been hit the hardest.

To combat the global recession, all manufacturers have started looking at different cost-cutting measures, as this is necessary for the success of the company in such a deep downturn in sales. Marketing budgets have been slashed, even online spending is down.

In the midst of all this doom and gloom, there is still a need to discover innovative ways to reach customers. Once the dealerships are transformed to enhance the dealer experience, increase the impact of the brand they will then ultimately increase sales. Tomorrow’s solution must be relevant, measurable and have a fast Return On Investment.

The advertising industry like every other industry this past year has experience huge challenges, however one major segment is growing tremendously – digital signage.

The growth is attributed to the advancement of technology allowing the many organisations the ability to ‘narrowcast’ dynamic video, graphics to almost any location in the world. Automotive professionals have realised the potential value digital signage can bring from cost containment to potential sales growth.

The automotive industry as a whole has a huge interest in digital signage as it as the ability to address most of the unique challenges within one robust system.

Automotive Consumer of Today

According to a study (Piper Prospect Satisfaction Index) that was carried out 3 years ago, covering dealerships discovered that 75% to 90% of prospects walked out of the showroom without buying anything. However the dealerships that paralleled their experience to a retail experience were more successful and increase sales.

Automotive Consumer of Tomorrow

The industry has had to become more consumer driven, as the customers become more educated about the product they wish to purchase.

One study for the automotive industry in 2020 has concluded that;

“Automotive consumers will be highly informed, demanding, impatient and environmentally conscious. The demand a new ownership experience.”  Does this sound familiar? Most dealers would tell you this is the consumer of today!

Simplify the sales process

The complex sales process that is current in place in dealerships will need to be simplified, the showrooms that do reduce the complexity will be rewarded with increased sales and a much better bottom line.  The benefits of Automotive Digital Signage.

Digital signage quickly builds trust with well informed consumers by:

Empowering sales people to answer consumer questions without hesitation

Presenting favourable comparisons against the dealerships competition

Providing real time instant knowledge that also ads value to the products value.

Transforming the salesperson from a pushy person to someone who is providing valuable information.

 Creates a positive impact and provides an excellent Retail experience by:

Decreasing the length of the overall sales process

Customizing the shoppers experience and messenger them the complete package.    Simplifies the sales process.

By providing a leading, one stop shop for all areas of the dealership, capturing the information and distributing it to customers, so they can access it easily.

Office on the Go


Nothing is more frustrating than being on the road and not having what you need when you need it. Create a system for organizing your paper and supplies while on the road, this will save you a lot of time and aggravation.

Create a portable office center for your car. You want something that you can have next to you on the passenger’s side, but that is easily movable to another part of your car when you have passengers traveling with you. You can either purchase a car organizer or you can create your own system.

Some of the things you want to consider storing in your car organizer:

* Business cards and brochures

* Calculator

* Mileage log

* Sealable box for pens and pencils

* Pocket holder for you receipts

* Notebook

* Stamps and envelopes

* Reading material. Keep some reading material in your car in case you end up waiting for an appointment, using your time effectively?

* A small digital or tape recorder to record anything you remember while on the road (this is quick and also much safer than having to write stuff down while you’re driving)

One option is a portable file box to hold all your files. Keep this file box covered when not in use to prevent files from falling out during driving and to prevent anything from spilling on your files. You may want to consider a weatherproof box in case it’s raining and you want to take the box out of your car. By keeping all your current files in this file box, you will always have your information on hand. You can find these portable file containers in any office supply store.

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