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How to Drive Safely in This Corona Pandemic Situation? Moving Your Car from California To Texas

Several factors contribute to the cost of car shipping. The distance and car model determine the base price. The carrier type also affects the final price. If the car is in a non-running condition, the price increases due to the need for extra equipment. There is a logistic challenge in picking and delivering a car to and from rural region, so can increase the cost. The existing supply & demand environment on a specific route also needs consideration.

The lowest quote does not mean the best option. As you are moving from California to Texas for a better job opportunity, it is time to consider reliable movers for your belongings as well as car transport services. To ship a car from California to Texasyou can directly contact the shipping specialist at Ship a Car, Inc

The Transport broker has connections with a huge network of carriers. Read what their customers say about their 30 years of experience in the car transportation industry. The options that you need to choose are –

  • Carrier type – enclosed and open trailer
  • Timeframe – expedited and standard delivery

An enclosed option offers comprehensive protection to the vehicle from the road and airborne elements. If you need transportation for a luxury or high-end automobile then this is a great option. Standard delivery means carrier picks your vehicle in 1 or 2 days.

It takes your car to reach Texas within 7 to 10 days. Delays can occur due to traffic, weather, etc. On the other hand, expedited service means your vehicle gets picked and delivered on the specified date & time.

Safe driving tips during coronavirus restrictions

Many people plan of taking a road trip during this coronavirus pandemic. If you are determined to go on a long drive as soon as the COVID-19 restrictions get lifted then here are some safety tips. It will help to lessen the risk of roadside infection and sickness.

Plan your route

Ensure your car’s performance. Map your route and states you will pass through. Get familiar with relevant travel advisories.

Packing & sanitizing

You will need hand and surface sanitizers, disinfectant wet wipes, sealable disposable bags, tissues, and disposable gloves. Wear a mask all the time in outdoor or public spaces, where six-foot distancing is not possible. Carry lots of water and food, so you will not need to stop a lot for refreshments.

Hand washing practice before eating or using the washroom is a must on the road. At high traffic, road-side stops are more careful. Wear disposable gloves when your pump gas and later dispose of them properly in a sealed bag. Gas payments must be made with the card as you can disinfectant it with a wet wipe after use.


Some restaurants limited guests are allowed as there is a need for leaving extra space between the tables. You can use a drive-through & take out option.

Overnight stay

If there is a need to halt overnight at a hotel, then verify your reservation. Even though hotels are following strict cleaning procedures, it is recommended to use your personal sanitizing supplies to disinfect the high touch surface within the room.

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