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Safety Tips for Cyclists

Cycling is a wonderful form of exercise and a great mode of transportation for many commuters. Much like other forms of transportation and exercise, bikes can come with their own risks. To avoid accidents and injuries, there are many strategies that cyclists can employ. You can ensure a safer experience with these five suggestions for safer biking experiences.

Preparation for Emergencies

It is important to always have plans in place in case of emergencies. Even for cyclists who practice safe habits, they can only be so protected, as sharing the road with others can influence your security. To prepare yourself for emergencies, make sure that you have emergency contact information with you at all times, on your phone or in a bag and if need be the contact information for a good bike accident lawyer. These can help you be prepared even when crises occur.

Protective Gear

While safety equipment may not look like the coolest of accessories, wearing the proper protective gear can help keep you safe while cycling. Even if the gear is not employed during the trip, you still need it and it will be there if an accident should occur. You never know when a distracted driver, hidden pothole or fallen debris will catch you off guard. These defenses can help you with those surprises that pop up that can cause you serious damage.

Clothing Choice

Protective gear is not the only wearable safety precaution that is available to you. Dressing for the activity is another important component of cycling. Wearing bright-colored clothing and ensembles that will not catch can help you avoid serious injury when you are out on your bike. By wearing clothing that cannot get caught in your tires or bike chain and making yourself more visually apparent to drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists, you can enjoy a safer and carefree ride.

Bikes and Signaling

While many people are ready to lock their bike up to keep it safe, you can also keep your ride and your trip safe with a few adjustments. Whether you add a light to your bike to illuminate the path, indicating light to show your direction or brake light to indicate slowing down, these can help others around you understand your direction and avoid a collision. These safety precautions in addition to a regular check or your equipment can help you avoid critical issues mid-ride.

Traffic Patterns

While bikes can easily navigate areas that cars cannot, it is important that all vehicles follow traffic patterns. For cyclists, this includes passing on the right, following traffic patterns and avoiding sidewalks. These rules of the road can help everyone on the road feel a little safer. Even though bikes can zip around traffic and are significantly smaller than cars, this doesn’t exempt cyclists from following the rules. Without following the rules of the road, we can all find ourselves in precarious situations.

Many of the rules and precautions for cyclists can help both rider and the surrounding population maintain protected. There are many strategies to help support a safer environment, so take a moment to decide how you can better approach safety and make your trips even more enjoyable.

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