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Why Bikes Crash

Bikes have a reputation with some people as being unsafe. While it is true that riders suffer more injuries in an accident than the drivers of automobiles, it is not true that motorcycles are inherently unsafe. In fact, a large percentage of accidents involving motorcycles are caused by the inattention and unsafe habits of automobile drivers. But, with that in mind, motorcyclists are also to blame for many accidents, and they do get into trouble all by themselves from time to time. Here’s a look at some of the reasons for motorcycle accidents.

  • Speed: This is the big one. The main cause of single vehicle, motorcycle accidents, and many that involve other vehicles, is speed. There is nothing wrong with going fast if you are in the right place and the right precautions are taken. But it is unfair to the public to decide that you are going to make your own rules on the highway. Speeding is for the track. The other problem with speed is going too fast for the conditions. You don’t have to be breaking the law, to be going too fast for the situation.
  • Bad Cornering: Sometimes a corner fools you and you come in too hot for the traction available, or for the arc of the curve. But most times it is the rider’s fault for having poor cornering technique. This is mainly a problem with new riders. A rider training course is the best way to learn the right way to take a curve.
  • Failing to Drive Defensively: You can complain all you want about how automobile drivers drive. But it is up to the rider to save their own lives out there. Automobiles cause a lot of accidents, but the riders pay the real price. It is important to keep your head on a swivel and expect the cars to make every mistake possible. Also check out Yamaha motor insurance, to make sure that you are covered financially as well.
  • Aggressive Riding or Stunting: This is similar to speeding, but when you cause a crash in this manner, you are twice the fool. There are safe places to practice your stunts, but there is no good place to be an aggressive rider except the track.

Experience is the best protection you can have, but if you aren’t a defensive driver, and you need to show off, likely you won’t be around long enough to figure this out. Most riders learn how to enjoy their bikes without too much drama, it is up to you how safe you want it to be.

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