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What Car Repairs You Can Do Yourself, And When To Call for Help

Car repairs can add up quickly, and you probably don’t have time to make it to an auto shop for every little detail. Fortunately, there are simple repairs you can do yourself. Follow this guide to help you decide when you can fix it on your own and when you need professional support.


You have probably seen hundreds of tricks of how to repair small dents in your car. From the hairdryer method to small tools off Amazon, there are a few different options to help you remove this unsightly damage. However, when weather strikes, you may want to look into hail damage repair Denver CO. It is never just one hailstone, and the added costs, both labor and time, can add up quickly. Remember, before you do any large dent removals, check that the method works on your vehicle without causing further damage. If you are uncertain, it is always best to ask your mechanic.

Fluid Changes

Cars are lasting longer, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need regular maintenance, particularly fluids. From transmission to oil, your car will require changes to keep it running smoothly. Each model requires a different timeline for these changes, so check with your manufacturer for the schedule. Once you know when to change the fluids, you can start learning how to do it yourself. However, if you see or smell something off, such as leaks that have formed or smell something burning, it is time to call for help. These may be indicators of larger problems you want a professional to check.

Light Fixes

Changing lightbulbs is one of the easier tasks out there when it comes to car repairs. Knowing how to change the different lights in your car can save you both time and money. Before you begin any repairs, be sure that you have the correct bulbs for your car. Depending on the light you are changing, you may need specialized tools to access it. Once completed, if the light will still not turn on, you need to seek a mechanic as this could be a sign of a systems issue with your car.

When you are planning any home car maintenance, check local laws regarding waste from cars. Alternatively, you can find a repair shop that allows you to do your maintenance on site. This is an easy way to keep your driveway clean and ensure access to the proper tools.

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