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What Is The Ideal Wiper Replacement Interval?

Windshield wiper blades are often the most neglected component on a vehicle – primarily because we don’t use them until we absolutely need to. As such, it is very important that you recognize the signs and symptoms of a bad windshield wiper blade and replace them before car wiper blades fail under pressure and cause an accident or compromise your visibility.

The replacement interval for your wiper blades will vary depending on several factors:


The climate that you drive in is the most common reason for needing to replace your windshield wipers sooner than later. Areas with lots of snow and ice typically require a set of dedicated winter blades because the prevention of snow and ice buildup on the glass is more of a priority than keeping it clean during dry months.


Daily drivers going through several seasons will need to replace their wipers less frequently than a vehicle that is only driven on nice days. Since wiper blades are accessories for cars that are designed for outdoor environmental elements, they do not last very long in prolonged sunlight.

Dusty/dirty windshield:

If you live near a construction site, chances are you’ll be replacing your wipers much more often than someone who lives in an area that doesn’t customarily have much road dust. While this isn’t recommended, if you can avoid using your wipers at all during dry months, it will increase their lifespan.

Type of wiper blades:

If you have a set of dedicated winter blades or some aftermarket high-performance wipers, chances are they will last longer than your standard set from the dealer. If you have heated windshield wiper blades, this factor is eliminated entirely and they should last as long as a standard set.

How to determine if your wipers need to be replaced?

There are several signs that your car wiper blades should be examined and possibly replaced.


Streaking is the most common symptom of a worn out windshield wiper blade. In order for streaking to occur, the rubber squeegee on the wiper needs to be worn out and unable to wipe cleanly across your windshield.

Failing to hold a proper arc:

When you turn on your wipers and they do not sweep back and forth or leave behind streaking lines, it is due to a lack of tension in the arm. The easiest way to resolve this issue is to install new wiper blades. If you still experience this problem after replacing the wipers, then follow the instructions below on adjusting your arms.

Excessive noise:

If your windshield wipers are making an excessive amount of noise while operating it could be due to wear and tear on the wiper arm. The more out of alignment the arm is, the more it will chatter across your windshield. If this happens, follow the instructions below on how to adjust your wipers arms.

How often should you replace wiper blades?

You should replace the car wiper blades as soon as they need it. However, the best way to increase the lifespan of your wiper blades is by driving a vehicle that is used primarily on nice days and replacing them when they start doing more harm than good. However, you should not wait until they absolutely fail before replacing them, as this may cause you to have an accident or compromise your visibility.

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